Roof Restoration and House Painting Otago

Attention Customers and Clients – Please Read This!

The government has tightened up the workplace safety rules because of the high numbers being injured or killed on job sites.

The new rules apply principally to building and electrical jobs, but also to other property maintenance work like moss spraying.

At Kowhai House and Roof Painting Otago, we take workplace safety very seriously. For three reasons.

First, we absolutely will NOT risk the safety of our clients or workers. Under any circumstances.

Second, the fines for breaking the rules (regardless of whether there is an accident) are truly massive.

Third, we believe in doing what is right. And that means complying with the rules and regulations of the industry we work in.

We understand not all companies are sticklers for the rules like us so their quotes may be cheaper.

But if you don’t want to play Russian roulette we will happily explain all you need to know about the rules governing the work you need doing. To learn more about specific rules check out Worksafe's Laws & Regulations.

At Kowhai House and Roof Painting Otago, we never cut corners on workplace safety. And neither should you.