Roof Restoration and House Painting Otago

Roof Restoration

Did you Hear About the Cheapskate Who Decided to Repaint his Roof Himself Instead of Using a Professional?

He wasn't sure how many tins of paint would be needed, but his friend from next door had recently done the same job and the two roofs were identical in size.

"Robbie," he said, "how many tins of paint did you buy for your roof?"

"10," said Robbie.

So the cheapskate bought 10 tins and did the job, but ran out of paint before he finished.

"Robbie," he said. "I bought 10 tins of paint for the roof, but I've not got enough!"

"No," said Robbie. "Neither did I."

Roof painting and restoration is not a job for the inexperienced! In fact, it’s very easy to do a poor job that looks a mess and wastes a great deal of time and money.

But at Kowhai House and Roof Painting Otago our experience means you get an expert job in a fraction of the time it would take an average DIYer. And without the mess or wastage!

Don’t put off roof work! A poorly maintained roof can seriously devalue your house and lead to leaks. Regular maintenance is much cheaper than a costly new roof!

Whether your roof is iron, Decromastic or concrete tile, Kowhai House and Roof Painting Otago will see that all roof problems are taken care of. You will never need to hunt for buckets in the middle of a storm again!