Roof Restoration and House Painting Otago

Quality Painting is No Joke!

A duck walks into a bar, and orders a pint and a sandwich. He takes out his newspaper and reads it while he has lunch, then leaves. The next day he comes in again, orders the same and reads the paper while he eats. On the third day, the barman is so curious about the talking, pint-drinking, newspaper-reading duck that he asks him what he is doing there. The duck replies that he’s a painter working on a building down the road, and he’ll be there for a few weeks.

That weekend the circus comes to town and when the ringmaster goes into the same bar for a drink the barman tells him all about the talking duck who eats sandwiches, drinks pints and reads the paper. The ringmaster is very interested in having the duck in his circus, so tells the barman to pass on his details.

When the duck comes in for his lunch that Monday the barman says, “Hey, Mr Duck, I have a great job lined up for you, good money as well. It’s at the circus.” To which the duck replies, “Do you mean the place with the big canvas tent, with walls that roll up?”

“Yes, that’s the place” says the barman. The duck shakes his head and replies, “What on earth would they want with a painter?”

For professional exterior painting that is not a circus, call Kowhai House and Roof Painting Otago.